Ellison Oswalt is the main protagnist in Sinister. He is portrayed by Ethan Hawke.


Ellison was a washed-up true crime writer as he moved his family to the house to write about the murders in his new book. Upon finding the box of the projector and films, Ellison starts to notice the symbols and the murders as he goes to a local professor, Professor Jones for answers about the symbol as Ellison finds out the symbol is a Pagan deity named Bughuul. Ellison prints pictures and starts doing research, but he moves his family out of the house since he had enough. Ellison then burns the projector and the films, but once he goes into the attic of his new house, he finds the box completely unharmed with extended endings as he finds all the missing children of the five murdered families, being the murderers. Ellison then finds out that he is in the next in the line of victims as the last murders took place after the families would move in a different resdience. As Ellison loses consiciousness, after finding a green liquid in his coffee, and finds a note that says, "Good Night, Daddy". Ellison wakes up to find himself bound and gagged, as Ashley is carrying an axe, and Ellison is killed.